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Core Value:

1. Construction of a set of video surveillance system covering the public areas of the whole campus

Realize face capture and face recognition for the main entrances and exits. For a wide range of indoor and outdoor scenes, 360-degree coverage is achieved through panoramic cameras. It can track the whole scene from the entrance to the exit of the school as well as the face recognition of key entrances and exits, which can effectively help the school to conduct post-event verification.

2. Construction of a one-touch alarm system to respond to emergency situations

With the deployment of one-key alarm system at key locations on campus, personnel can quickly establish contact with the security department and other management agencies when an emergency situation is encountered on site, which is convenient for the security department to handle quickly.

3. Construction of intelligent access control and time and attendance systems

The core area deploys face or other access control systems to facilitate statistics on student attendance and whether they return to the dormitory at night for bedtime, etc. for easy management.

4. Optimize visitor and vehicle access process

Effective management for vehicles and visitors to avoid idle people entering the campus and creating security risks.

5. Develop home-school APP to strengthen the connection between school and parents

The home-school APP can realize rapid communication between teachers and parents, while the deployment of all-in-one machines in classrooms can realize rapid contact between students and parents without cell phones or other communication methods.

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